Grade 8 Program Planning

H.J. Cambie Secondary School 

As parents and students are beginning to prepare for the transition into grade 8, we welcome you to our school website.  You will find all the information about Cambie that you need.  Please take some time to familiarize yourself with what our wonderful school community has to offer.

We, here at H.J. Cambie Secondary, are very proud of our school. The academic programs at Cambie are known for their richness and diversity. Programs offered include Advanced Placement courses in Visual Art, English Literature, and Calculus, three Modern Languages including French, Mandarin, and Spanish, a full range of Science course offerings including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science for Citizens and Introduction to Medical Science.  Coupled with the Mathematics and Science stream is an outstanding Social Sciences program up to grade 12, which includes offerings in Law and Psychology. In addition, Technology, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Applied Skills, Information Technology, Business Education, and Modern Language programs provide excellent learning opportunities. There are also several successful Work Experience courses in Business Education, Leadership and Medical Sciences.

Outside of the classroom, Cambie students and staff have established an outstanding reputation of commitment to being the best that they “cam-bie” in a wide range of club and athletic endeavours. We are very proud of all our teams that have competed admirably and demonstrated commitment to fair play and support for one another while engaging in spirited and competitive league play.

Extra-curricular initiatives found in clubs, special events and competitions round out many student experiences at Cambie.  School organizations such as Student Council, Drama Club, Ecosavers Green Team, Ski Club, Robotics Club, World Committee, Peace Club, Rainbow Club, People of Colour Alliance, and Me To We club among others, are all very rewarding for students, staff, and the larger community. One of the interesting programs at Cambie is the First Responders program. This group of highly trained student first aid attendants looks after a range of medical emergencies under the guidance of a highly trained staff member.

Cambie parents are active participants in a range of capacities related to school programs including Parent Advisory Council, athletics coaching, supportive spectators, fundraisers, chaperones, and sponsors. One successful project that is entirely parent driven is the Grade 12 Dry After Grad Celebration.  Feedback from parent and community sources regarding academics, athletics, and other programs at Cambie is very positive. 

Please contact us via phone or e-mail if you have any questions.