District Concussion Protocol

  • How a concussion is handled in the minutes, hours, and days after injury can SIGNIFICANTLY influence the extent of damage and recovery from this injury.
  • Despite numerous community sporting associations with protocols, most school districts do not have concsussion protocols.  So, we (Richmond School District) are trailblazers, in this regard.
  • Specific work and consultation was done with CATT (Concussion Awareness Training Tool) Online, Children's Hospital (adn Dr. Shelina Babul & Kate Turcotte), BC Injury Reseach and Preventions, and more.
  • This protocol is intended to be beyond just athletics, as concussions can occur anywhere in our buildings and sites.
  • CATT is aimed at helping educate medical professionals, coaches, athletes, parents and school staff.  Teachers need to be aware of return to school and return to learn protocols too.
  • Eventually, we would like to have coaches/sponsors take the online and free course (cattonline.com) to have basic ‘certification’.  In addition, we can encourage parents and students to complete the course too.