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School Bus Service

School Bus services are provided by the Richmond School District for students who live more than 4.8 km from their catchment school. These distances shall be measured by the nearest passable road from a public school in which there is a grade and placement for the student(s). Students with special needs may also qualify for transportation services.

Registration Process

The annual registration process opens April 15th. Eligible Riders MUST have the application completed by end of day JUNE 15TH so we can organize and place students before September start. 

Schedules will be emailed to parents one (1) week before school starts in September. Families are responsible for providing transportation for their child to and from school until a seat may be awarded.

All LATE applications received after June 15th will be processed after Labour Day.

Application Form

To apply for school bus service, please complete the appropriate online form:
Standard Bus Service Application

Student with Special Needs Bus Service Application


For more information, please visit the SD38 Transportation website.