About Us

The history of Cambie Secondary School can be traced back to 1928.  Henry James Cambie, after whom the school was named, was a member of the survey team that built the local railroad in 1920. 

From 1928 to 1952, the school was located on Sexsmith Road and was known in this area as Richmond High.  In 1953, the school was officially renamed to Cambie Junior Secondary School, and maintained that status until 1995 when our new and present facility opened as H. J. Cambie Secondary School.

It goes without saying that Cambie Secondary has one of the oldest and richest traditions of any school in Richmond. The school has served the northeast portion of Richmond well and provides excellent academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities to all.

Cambie Secondary School has superb facilities, modern equipment, and a wonderful staff.

We are glad that you are joining us as we continue to make history.