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Increasing Student Voice

Student feedback has always been at the heart of improving our school, and last year's Grade 10 and 12 Satisfaction Survey showed some real strengths. We're proud of our strong assessment practices that help students understand their learning journey. 

 This year, we are looking to refresh our school goals and directions. 

Initial scanning data has indicated that school connectedness and overall participation and engagement are areas that call for deeper investigation as these areas revealed lower than expected survey results. This data has come from the Middle Years Development Instrument(MDI, grade 8 ) and the Student Learning Survey (SLS, grades 10 and 12).  

We know diverse voices matter, and to truly represent our student body, we need everyone's perspective. We've taken proactive steps to increase student engagement in the survey process to address this. 

Recognizing the importance of every student's voice, we've implemented a strategy to involve all Grade 10, 11, and 12 students in the surveys. Over three days, from February 26 to March 1, students will dedicate time from their regular classes to participate in this school journey. We have shared our plans with our staff, and they support this school goal. Students in grades 10 and 12 will participate in the Student Learning Survey, and students in grade 11 will participate in the YDI (Youth Development Instrument). 

Focus group outcomes, along with our investigation of the data comparisons between the last two years of survey results, are intended to help shape the next steps. We will share data results with students, parents, and teachers as we work to develop dialogue and increased participation and lived experiences where we can measure improvements in participation/engagement and students' sense of belonging (school connectedness) to their Cambie Community.

This year, we're asking three key questions that get to the heart of our educational mission: 

1.    What are you learning?

2.    How do you know?

3.    Can you name two adults in our school who believe in your success?



Updated: Thursday, February 22, 2024