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Student Learning Survey Feedback

It's always essential to reflect on our strengths and areas where we can grow within our school community. Currently, we are investigating feedback from our students via the Student Learning Survey data collected over the past three years. 

The survey data shows that Cambie Secondary School is doing an excellent job when it comes to assessment and students' understanding of how to improve their learning. Whether through teacher feedback, personalized assessments, or learning resources, we're committed to helping every student reach their full potential!

SLS Data


Room for Growth

While we're proud of our strengths in assessment, we're also eager to address some areas where we can enhance the Cambie experience.


Student Connection: The Student Learning Survey data highlights a need for greater focus on strengthening student connections. At Cambie, we want to create an inclusive and supportive community where everyone feels a sense of belonging. We're already working on initiatives to foster better student relationships and engagement both inside and outside the classroom.


Diversity & Inclusion: The survey data also points out the importance of increasing our efforts to educate our students about diversity and inclusion. We believe in celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds within our school, and we're committed to promoting inclusivity and understanding among all students.


Moving forward, we will be engaged with focus groups with students, staff, and families to further deepen our understanding of ways to strengthen student connections and increase awareness about diversity. Our goal is for our school to be a place where every student can thrive.    


Thank you for being a part of the Cambie family. 



Updated: Wednesday, October 18, 2023