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Student Voice

As an administrator new to the Cambie Community, working to come to know students- their personalities, hopes for their education, and desire to be heard on a number of topics- has been an important focus. Informal conversations with students throughout the year, focussed on inviting student ideas, suggestions and feedback, have been ongoing.  Plans to structure formalized focus groups next year require that we look to thoughtfully gain student interest and future participation.  With that in mind, 15 students from grades 9-11, were selected to represent Cambie at the Richmond School District’s Student Voice Forum in May. 

The Student Voice Forum was a chance for our students to celebrate student voice and share the diversity of their reflections, experiences, opinions, and ideas with some of our school district staff and school trustees. (description from the initial invitation to schools)



One outcome that was hoped for was to offer these selected students the opportunity to experience the Student Voice Forum positively with the rich diversity of other voices that would plant inspiration and desire to bring back to the school an understanding of the possibilities and value of seeking such feedback, on a largish scale here at school… and also hoping to invite these students to assist in the facilitation of such future opportunities.





Updated: Monday, July 10, 2023