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Career Education - Review

Student reflection and feedback is collected post each conference day.  Students shared their observations and learning that will drive planning decisions for next year’s content/presentations.


Student feedback from our November and January Days (CLC Day #1 and #2) indicated strong engagement and some amazing learning.  Of note was the student response to the 3 Crows production that highlighted Indigenous ways of learning as they absorbed the dramatic sharing of one man’s experience of Intergenerational trauma resulting from Residential schools. 

Other feedback highlighted learning and importance of Financial Literacy.


   The story of resilience love, and support resulting from a devastation decision of a teenager to drink and drive “Just Wiggle your Toes” was also identified by students as a powerful learning experience.

Students also indicated learning from the presentation of Criminal and Civil law and how it related to consent and sexual abuse.



Feedback from our Conference Day #3 – The Cambie Film Festival was collected during the last block of the day from all students via reflections entered into MyBluePrint.


The strength of peers presenting to peers and younger students creates a powerful learning environment.  Younger students expressed great interest in being able to learn from the senior students in terms of the diversity of topics, interests reflected in the videos.  Some grade 8 students appreciated the opportunity to gain a bigger picture view of what could be possible for their future Capstone topics/presentations.  Feedback to the grade 12 presenters was on topic, appreciated and demonstrated audience understanding of inquiry questioning, exploration, real life “setbacks and challenges” along with the quality of richly produced work that reflects the expectations and depth of information required at the grade 12 Career Education level. Senior students reflected that while the process was at times intense, they appreciated the opportunity to dive deeply into a research topic feeling like this experience offered some further preparation for post-secondary work.  All of our McEwan scholarship winners chose to dive deeply into their areas of passion/interest. Their videos reflected this.  Each of them opted to pursue interests that they intended to follow at their post-secondary placements.


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Student and staff feedback is used by our Career Education teachers as they plan for next year’s experiences for the Cambie community.





Updated: Monday, July 10, 2023