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Career Education

Career Education across the Grades


At Cambie, our Career Education program provides students with opportunities to look ahead grades 8-12 by offering 3 CLC Days during the year.


A person’s career is considered their “journey” through life, and the Career Education curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue this journey in personally meaningful and goal-oriented ways. (Ministry of Education)



 Conference Day #1 in November offered all students opportunities to attend a number of presentation and meet presenters.  Presentations included: Junior Achievement Program of BC, Restorative Justice Program, ICBC Road Safety, Stress Management, 3 Crows Productions UBC Allard School of Law and more.


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Conference Day #2

With over 45 presenters, students selected 3 sessions to hear presentations from people in the “real world” talk about their stories/educational journeys and their careers.


Presenters/topics included: Dietician, Interior

Designer, Law Enforcement, EA Sports, Lawyer,

Neurologist, Auto Industry, Civil Engineering, Marketing,

Real Estate Development, Nursing, Journalism, Amazon,

Banking, Artists, Firefighting, Politician, Counsellors, Auto,

Mechanic, Accountant, and more.

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Conference Day #3


Cambie Film Festival

The film Festival saw our Grade 12 students present their Capstone video presentations to eager audiences of students grades 8-11.  The Capstone video presentations reflect a culmination of two years’ work of development through to production as students in grade 11 begin their Capstone journey.  Capstone projects are richly scaffolded.  Students are invited into an inquiry process as they are asked to generate questions that will facilitate curiosity, investigation, and reflection. The grade 12 students present to groups of younger students.  Our whole school is involved in this experience which provides an opportunity for the grade 12s to shine and also offers younger students a peek into the research, development, and production stages of informative and very reflective Capstone projects.


Updated: Monday, July 10, 2023