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District/Authority Scholarship (only if nominated)

This is only to be completed by students who have received a District/Authority Scholarship nomination letter from a Cambie teacher. All nominees will have received this letter early April, 2024.  Nominated students must complete this simple online application by Wednesday, April 17 2024.

District/Authority Scholarships: In addition to school based scholarships, schools nominate students to apply for District/Authority $1250 scholarships in the following areas: Fine Arts (Visual Arts, Music, Drama), ADST (Business, Home Economics, Computer Information Technology),  Technical & Trades Training (Woodwork), International Languages, and Physical Activity. In order for staff to nominate a student, the student must have clearly expressed a passion for one of these subject areas, plans to pursue further studies in that area, and meets the core criteria.

Core criteria:

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant).
  • Be a B.C. resident.
  • Currently enrolled at Cambie Secondary.
  • Will complete all graduation requirements and on track for graduation by August 31.
  • Has a social insurance number (SIN).
  • Will be attending a post-secondary institution or approved apprenticeship program within the next five years.

If nominated for more than one area, you will need to apply for each nomination separately. A student is only eligible to receive one District/Authority Scholarship.

In order to receive the full value of this award, recipients must be enrolled in a recognized post secondary institution or approved apprenticeship program within the next five years and have a social insurance number. If you do not have a SIN number then you must get one by the application due date and notify Ms. Hui that you have applied.