Cambie's Guiding Principles

As part of our commitment to work work towards enhancing student engagement, our staff has collaborated and has formulated our Cambie Guiding Principles.  These principles are all in line with our school focus and set vision and direction for what we are striving to acheive.  We have already made great progress on many of these principles:

  • A group of 16 teachers is piloting a new system of communiciating student learning and reporting on student learning through e-portfolios
  • Many teachers are working on changing their assessment practice to using standards-based proficiency scales and learning maps.
  • There is more focus on formative assessment and feedback and practice work not counting for marks
  • Embedding core competencies into our daily practice as the foundation of what we teach and learn
  • Striving to foster a growth mindset for staff and students
  • Providing students with greater flexibility and choice in how they demonstrate their learning