September 2020 Restart Plan: Question and Answer Reference

HJ. Cambie Secondary School Return to School 

September 2020 Restart Plan

Question and Answer Reference


Questions and Answers:

Why are we moving to a Quarter Schedule?

In order to meet the Public Health guidelines for Student Learning Groups (cohorts), the Richmond School District has chosen to limit the number of classes each student is exposed to at a time. This ensures that the number of contacts for each student is as limited as possible.


Will students be limited in their course selections?

By adopting the 4 Quarter Schedule (2 courses per quarter), Cambie will be able to continue to offer 100% of course offerings to all students in Grades 8-12. All student timetables have been successfully migrated to a Quarter Schedule with no loss of course selections.


How will students and staff transition through varying stages should they change?

Regardless of what occurs with the COVID-19 Pandemic, students and staff are only required to focus on two courses. If a second wave occurs, the transition to a hybrid model of in-class instruction and online, or one hundred percent online, will be less significant than a linear schedule where multiple courses and processes for continued learning would be required.


How will the Quarter Schedule assist with new and vulnerable students?

By taking two class at a time, students’ time will be spent learning deeply by focusing on only two subjects with extended access to ongoing teacher support. Teachers and students will have the opportunity to quickly develop a strong relationship due to the small teacher/student contact ratio. Utilizing the quarterly structure, teachers will be responsible for 60 or fewer students at a time and will be able to closely monitor students who are struggling or experiencing adversity.


How will Learning Strategies be provided to assist and support students?

Learning Strategies will be provided by utilizing a blended model of learning (support occurring in the classroom) and drop-in support in the Cambie Commons classroom. Students will also continue to be enrolled in Learning Strategies blocks. Please note, these will also be scheduled in the Quarter Schedule. Support offerings will vary depending on the subject matter, the composition of the class, and the needs of the student.


If a COVID-19 outbreak occurs, how does the Quarter Schedule assist in reducing the spread?

Should a COVID-19 outbreak occur, contact tracing and identifying possible affected students and staff will be significantly quicker and more efficient. Student and staff in-class contact will be significantly less than the linear schedules. In any such case, we will work in close collaboration with public health officials to determine the safest course of action.


Will the Quarter Schedule be occurring the entire 2020-21 school year?

Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, there may be an opportunity to move to Stage 1 (100% student attendance for grades 8-12). Regardless of the level of attendance mandated by the Ministry of Education, we will likely remain on a Quarter Schedule for the duration of the 2020-21 school year.


How will 8th period redeployment for teachers work?

There will be more information forthcoming. The parameters for this are being finalized by the district and will be shared as soon as they are available.


When will my classes be visible in My Education BC?

We are working on reorganizing the timetable. We hope to have this information available to you by Friday, September 4th.