Student Notices - Jan. 12, 2021

Hey Cambie! It’s Wellness Wednesday, and here is your announcement. Technology plays a large role on our state of wellbeing, because technology is all around us, our use of it may become unhealthy. We should limit the time we spend on our smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices. Smart phones have especially changed how people work, but they’ve also changed our bodies. We spend too much of our time worrying about smartphones, social media, or gaming that we often forget about how it impacts our mental health. When someone is using technology too much, they may experience negative effects such as:

  • poor sleep habits
  • less energy
  • less physical activity
  • less focus at school
  • symptoms of depression and anxiety


Experts suggest that people should not have more than two hours of screen time a day, however, that may not be realistic for a lot of people, with school and work requiring more and more time on a computer. In that case, try to limit screen time to when it is required, rather than spending most of your free time on your smartphone, TV, tablet or computer.

 For more information visit or visit Ms. Wilding or Ms. Koo in the Counselling Centre.


Students, if you are interested in entering a free monthly draw for gift cards or prizes, check out the District Career Programs slat boards by the counselling offices! Scan the QR-code and correctly answer the questions, and your name will go in a draw to win one of the prizes for that month. The draws will take place after the last day of each month between now and the end of April. Check out the District Career Programs slat board and take part today!

Come and spend some time with Juno the dog on Thursdays during PLT and enjoy a happy experience.  Juno is a calm and cuddly dog whose positive regard for humans can put you in a good mood to start your day.  If interested, please sign up for PLT with Ms. Koo on Thursdays.  We will have the visit in A140.

Hello Cambie students! Come to the library and read some great books from great authors or read a genre that you haven't read before. The Cambie Library is pleased to participate in the 7th annual Richmond Reading Riot once again: 2022 Readers' Choice Award. The contest is on now and will run until April 30. It's easy to join! Read as many of the 10 titles as you wish. As you finish each book, fill out a ballot in the library, rating your book from 1-5 stars. Every Friday, a ballet is drawn, and one participant wins a prize, so come and join in on the fun! 

Updated: Thursday, January 13, 2022