Spectators for School Events (games and performances)

As per the December 29th announcement by the Ministry of Education, we unfortunately need to follow the newest guideline for spectators at school atheltic games, music performances, and drama productions.  As of January 10th, there are no spectators permitted for school events.  For athletics, this means only student-athletes, coaches, sponsors, managers, scorekeepers, and officials should be present at games and practices.

We are all being asked to do what we can to get through this pandemic, and in particular, this Omicron wave.  As much as not having spectators is sad, the practices and games are continuing at this point in time.  We did not have games at this time last year, so we must follow all of the health and safety guidelines so that schools can stay open and athletics (and other extra-curricular events) can continue.

Thank you,

Cambie School

Updated: Thursday, January 13, 2022