Upcoming New Initiative: Emotional Support Dog

You may have heard from health experts that the 1½ year-long Covid-19 isolation has adversely impacted the mental wellbeing of many teenagers. Therefore, to better support the mental health of Cambie students, we are hoping to launch an initiative in January that involves bringing a trained emotional support dog to our school on Wednesdays during students’ Personal Learning Time.  Interested students can sign up to enjoy the calming company of the dog, while lowering their stress and anxiety levels.  This efficacy of this therapeutic approach is borne out by rigorous scientific research.

To protect against allergies or the fear of dogs in some students, we will hold the encounters in the confines of an unused classroom, which will be cleaned after each session. The emotional support dogs are all well-trained and well-behaved.  Hence, you can expect the interactions to be gentle and safe.

To share any concerns or feedback, please feel free to email Susan Koo, counsellor: skoo@sd38.bc.ca

Updated: Thursday, January 13, 2022