Coming Soon: The Cambie ____________

We at Cambie are proud of our school and surrounding community. Ours is a community that is diverse, industrious, caring, and supportive. As we reflect on our school and the nature of our community, we routinely ask ourselves whether our school reflects our values and who we are as a community.

With this in mind, we are currently undergoing a process to change our school moniker away from “Crusaders,” a name with a historical connection to violence and racism. In its place, we hope to move towards something that can be viewed as more inclusive and representative of our school and surrounding community.

This work is very much in line with the Richmond School District’s Strategic Plan Priority #2 (Equity and Inclusion), which asks us “to ensure that all of our students, families, and staff feel welcomed, are treated respectfully, and have a sense of belonging.”

Over the past year, Cambie staff have had preliminary conversations about making this change. In the coming months, we will be engaging with our school community in this process. As a starting point, the school’s People of Colour Alliance (POCA) club has created a video, found at the following link to explain a little more about why we are undertaking this change.