Student Notices - Jun. 10, 2021

Attention all students enrolled in AP Art 12 and Art Enriched 11 for NEXT YEAR:  A reminder that you have very important meetings early next week!  2021-22 Advanced Placement Art 12 students - your meeting is scheduled for MONDAY, JUNE 14TH at 11:50 in B120. 2021-22 Art Enriched 11 students - your meeting is scheduled for TUESDAY, JUNE 15TH at 11:50 in B120.  Meetings will cover important course information, updates, and....summer assignments!  Please contact Ms. Foster with any questions or concerns.  See you next week!

Art Alert!  Art Alert!  An entire gallery's worth of amazing creations has yet to be picked up by Ms. Foster's Q3 art students!  Paintings and Prints and Sculptures...lonely and waiting for proud young artists to give them a great home.  And...hint hint: art makes a great Father's Day gift idea!  Please collect your project work from B114 (the photo room) by the end of the week!

Hello Cambie Students. There are still a number of students who have not returned their Quarters 1, 2 & 3 classroom textbooks. Please hand in all textbooks you are no longer using to Mrs. Kos in the library as soon as possible. Also, please hand in any overdue library books you may have. Thank you.