Safe Driving and Celebrations

Dear Cambie Families,


This time of year is one of celebration – especially for our graduates!  The accomplishments of a long school career are moving from the road ahead to the rear view mirror.  With that in mind, and a recent Secondary School related driving tragedy in the Interior we wanted to remind everyone to please stay safe when celebrating.


Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of accidents in recent years.  Driving under the influence is also keeping pace with claiming lives.

There is always a choice that can be made; a choice not to drive, a choice to call for a ride, a choice not to pick up the phone or respond to a text.


To all our GRADS please choose safety.  You are loved and your whole life is ahead of you, keep your eyes on the rest of the journey and regrets out of the rear view mirror.


Included with this email are some video links of the graphic and heart wrenching reminders of what can happen. 

Please take a few minutes to watch these videos as a family and consider how you can plan ahead to ensure this GRADUATION milestone remains a memory of celebration!


Stay Safe

Your Cambie Staff