Student Notices - May 5, 2021

Hey Cambie, it’s Mental Health Week.  This year is all about getting real about the way we feel. Labelling our emotions helps us describe what we are going through, which helps us get what we need from others.  We can’t empathize without being in touch with how we are feeling ourselves so this language of emotions helps us provide support that matches what someone is feeling, foster connections, while allowing us to commiserate and solve problems together.  Learning to identify, name and manage or regulate emotions is a life skill we all need to learn.

 A reminder to students planning on taking full-credit summer school courses with Richmond Continue Education this summer.  Registration for Grade 10 courses opens today at 3:30pm.

This is a reminder that all Quarter 3 textbooks are now overdue. Please return all textbooks to Mrs. Kos in the library as soon as possible. Thank you for being responsible.