Student Notices - May 4, 2021

Hey Cambie, it’s Mental Health Week.  This year is all about getting real about the way we feel. When we name our emotions, we can tame them.  Especially the harder ones.  The ones we sometimes call negative.  We may have learned some things that just are not true.  Like that focusing on feelings will just make those feelings harder to manage.  It turns out that science says otherwise.  In fact, research is showing that naming how we feel actually changes your brain and has other benefits you might not expect.  According to emotion scientist Mark Brackett, labeling our emotions helps us describe what we are going through, which helps us get help from others. 

In celebration of Mental Health Week Mrs. Wilding is inviting students and staff alike to join her in Walking for Wellness. If you would like to join meet Mrs. W at the picnic tables outside the rotunda at 12:15 TODAY and each day at lunch this week! Walking will be socially distanced and masks will be worn. Please note for Senior students who would like to participate – please wait outside by the picnic tables after dismissal or prior to arrival. Experts suggest that walking not only benefits your physical health, but also improves your mood and increases creativity.  In addition to reducing chronic disease, promoting fitness and improving digestion it also improves your sleep habits! Walking is an easy thing you can do to take the first step towards improving your mental health today. See you at 12:15!

On May 5th and 6th, the Richmond SD38 Career Programs is going to be hosting ZOOM Student Information Sessions regarding the District's FOODS and TECH ED Programs.
Attend a ZOOM Session to learn more! SD38 Career Programs information is also available on the bulletin board in the counselling area. See Ms. Millar's Facebook page and the Career Centre District Website Calendar for details - on the School Website, scroll down under the 'Students' tab for the links.

A reminder to students planning on taking full-credit summer school courses with Richmond Continue Education this summer.  Registration for Grade 11 courses opens today at 3:30pm.

This is a reminder that all Quarter 3 textbooks are now overdue. Please return all textbooks to Mrs. Kos in the library as soon as possible. Thank you for being responsible.