Student Notices - Apr. 28, 2021

Hey Cambie, it’s Wellness Wednesday and here is your announcement. This week we will be talking about some tips that will help you manage your anxiety. 


  1. Don’t forget your basics: Get enough sleep, eat well, and get active. Spend some time “unplugged”.


  1. Learn how to face your fears: It may seem like the easiest option to avoid feeling anxious, is to avoid things we fear. But it won’t help in the long term. You won’t get the chance to learn that the things you fear are not always as dangerous as you think.


  1. Don’t forget about yourself: Sometimes there isn’t much time to do what you enjoy between school, work, scheduled sports, spending time with friends and family. Try to find some time for yourself -reading, hiking, listening to music, taking the dog for a walk, playing a video game, journaling, or watching the sunset.


  1. Talk to someone you trust: It can be helpful to talk about what’s going on for you with a friend, family member, teacher, coach or to someone who has been there like a Peer Support worker.


  1. Relax your mind and body: It’s hard to relax when you’re feeling anxious! Relaxation won’t instantly make your anxiety go away, but there are tools that can help reduce anxious feelings. listening to your favourite playlist or cuddling your pet. Practice what relaxes you, whatever it is.


For more information visit or see Ms. Wilding in the counselling centre.




Hey Cambie! Today is the final day to hand in your Cambie Hoodie order form and payment.  Make sure to get your orders in today by 3pm! Hand your forms into the office and pay via School Cash Online!