Student Notices - Apr. 16, 2021

Hey Cambie! To end the school year off, Cambie will be selling hoodies! Make sure to place your orders ASAP before it's too late as the last day to order will be April 23!

Quarter 1 Art 8 Students:  Answer the following eternal question - "Where DOES Van Go?"  Why, he goes to the Art room to claim his outstanding Post-Impressionist "Food" painting, of course!  Be like Van Gogh...and pick up your fabulous next Tuesday!

Attention Ms. Foster's Quarter 1 Photography students:  Why be satisfied with the million photos stored on your phone, you know - the ones you NEVER bother to look at - when you can kick it old school with gorgeous, full sized, real-life PRINTS that don't require a fully charged battery to enjoy!  Please pick up your remaining photographs from B114 by the end of the day on Wednesday!