McEwen Awards & Scholarships Application


Jim and Eileen McEwen moved to Richmond in the mid 1970s, each of their three children (Jeffrey, Julianne, and Jennifer) were born in Richmond, and each received an excellent education from some inspirational teachers in Richmond’s public elementary schools and high schools.  Also while living in Richmond, Jim McEwen used his PhD in biomedical engineering to create innovative new medical technologies, leading to improved quality of life for several thousand patients daily around the world and leading to many awards including two honorary doctorates and appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada.  The McEwen family is grateful that the enriched education received from our public school system has led to happy and fulfilling lives, and to opportunities to help others.  The McEwen Family Awards are the family’s way of expressing its gratitude, by providing recognition to students who have excelled academically in the face of personal or family adversities, who have demonstrated the imagination to innovate and the stamina to succeed in their innovations, and who have demonstrated their compassion by helping to improve the quality of life of others throughout their education. 

Please see the attached document for the criteria and application package.  As of January 4th, 2021, the McEwen Scholarship information and application package will be updated and current.  The official application window for 2021 will be March 29th to April 15th (5pm).  Personal statements should be emailed to Mr. Nashlund.