Health Science


The Health Science 12 Career Preparation Program has been a very successful program at Cambie for the past 21 years. The following is a process adopted to ensure the success of students in the Health Science 12 Program. As quality volunteer opportunities within the community are becoming more in demand and valued, the maturity and commitment of those students wanting to participate in the program must, accordingly, meet a high standard. In addition, the course material requires that students demonstrate strong motivation in this field of study and have a strong work ethic.

Application Steps:

1. Select “Health Science 12” course during your Course Selection period.

2. Submit the following by: February 10th, 2017

  • A cover letter stating "Why you would like to be in the Health Science Program at H.J. Cambie Secondary", "What type of work placement are you interested in exploring" and "How you might contribute to the learning environment of the class"

Criteria for selection:

1. Academic standing and completion of ‘Focus’ course(s) (see course calendar).

2. Submission cover letter by the due date.

3. ‘Good’ Work Habits and Attendance 2016/17

4. Students will be required to:

  • work well with other students in group situations and understand the need to work as a team.
  • be self-motivated and self-directed in work placements, projects and other assignments.
  • be creative and be able to demonstrate their thought process and ability to problem solve in both written and verbal expression.
  • be risk-takers who extend beyond the boundaries of assignments and ideas discussed in class: i.e., does not only seek ‘right answers.’
  • produce ‘quality work.’

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Curtis or your counsellor at (604) 668-6430.

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