NEW COURSE: Medical Science

Introduction to Medical Sciences 11


As a continuation/expansion to the existing ‘Health Science’ program, the ‘NEW’ ‘Introduction to Medical Science 11’ course is a natural enhancement, with a greater focus on First Aid and Pre-Hospital care. What makes ‘Introduction to Medical Science 11’ unique is that it provides a curriculum that is hands on, challenging, and provocative. It is designed to give students knowledge, practical skills, and an opportunity to complete the program with professional certification(s). The course concepts are learner centred, allowing students to explore complicated patient care concepts with a “hands-on” practical component.

The ‘Introduction to Medical Science 11’ curriculum would enable students to complete their Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR “C” and First Responder with CPR “BLS” certifications within the full-year course.

Currently, the Canadian Red Cross ‘First Responder’ course is a very comprehensive professional level course*, whereby, students often need remedial sessions to complete their written and/or practical exams. This is due to the complex and advanced concepts that are currently presented in a compressed time frame more commonly found in Adult Education courses.

Benefits of ‘NEW’ course at H.J. Cambie Secondary:

  • Curriculum more thorough and provides additional time to learn and apply skills.
  • Immediate Employable Skills and certifications
  • Along with Canadian Red Cross First Responder certification, students can apply for EMA-FR license from the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board (a requirement for anyone wanting to enter the Fire Service). Once a License is granted the student may apply for an equivalency to Occupational First Aid Level 2 with WorkSafe BC.
  • Students will receive certifications in Canadian Red Cross ‘CPR C’ HCP and CPR-Basic Life Support, Standard First Aid and First Responder (these are required when applying for any post-secondary Health Care Program such as Nursing, Dentistry, etc.).
  • Program and students will be given opportunities to build community connections with health care professionals and organizations.  The Introduction to Medical Science 11/12 courses will be linked to a Work Experience component for additional credit.
  • Cost effective for Students
  • First Responder Certification received outside of high school = $755.00-$1200.00
  • Current cost for students (weekend courses) = SFA ($125.00) + FR ($425.00) = $550.00
  • Introduction to Medical Science 11 = $375.00

Introduction to Medical Sciences 12


The existing ‘Health Science 12’ (now named ‘Introduction to Medical Science 12’), will be further enhanced to include a comprehensive Athletic Training and Taping component.

Introduction to Medical Science 12 will continue to include anatomy/physiology and pathophysiology, injury prevention and rehabilitation, contemporary issues in health and hands on workshops that include Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Labs, Confidentiality Workshop, Case Studies, ECG Workshop, Autopsy, Drugs in Sport and Designer Drug Presentations with a Naloxone Injection Lab, to mention only a few.



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