Course Description

Prerequisite: None

Do you love to draw, paint, sketch or collage? Are you hoping to improve your art skills ...while having a ton of fun in a supportive and engaging studio environment? Then this is the course for you! Students in Studio Arts 2D 11 are introduced to a range of drawing, painting and image making techniques and materials including pencil, paint, charcoal, conte, collage, ink, printmaking, watercolour, and mixed media. Focus will be on the development of an understanding of the elements and principles of art (colour, form, shape, tone, line, unity, balance, movement, etc.) and how to better utilize them to improve our artwork. Students will explore both contemporary and historical artists, styles, and ideas, and you will be encouraged to find personal connections/responses to your projects and explorations. Topics and approaches in this course change every year – it is possible to continue in the course in later grades without repeating projects. Join us in the studio and learn to create art that stop viewers in their tracks!

Studio Arts 2D 11 is suitable for students in grade 11/12 who are new to art as well as those who have previous art experience.

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