Course Description

Prerequisite: Photography 11

Photography 12 is designed for RETURNING Photography students. Course “level” will be assigned by the instructor in September – based on previous Photography experience.

We are an image-based society...ever wonder what goes into making a photographic image really exciting and not just another “snapshot” or “selfie”?

RETURNING Photography Students (Level 2) build on the foundation skills acquired in their previous course, with an increasing emphasis on the development of an individual style – “What makes your photos truly unique and personal”? Students will experiment with advanced camera techniques to produce images that convey their growing sense of strong composition, emotional/artistic connection, and technical mastery. Projects will include a look at the concepts of graphic design, high fashion photography, portraiture, still life, special effects, and more, with an emphasis on creative responses. Both digital (Photoshop) and traditional film/darkroom techniques are explored and expanded.

THIRD YEAR Photography Students (Level 3) should be committed to perfecting their skills both technically and creatively. It is expected that students enrolled in at this level have a firm grasp of beginning and advanced photo techniques (both traditional and digital). Level 3 is extremely self-directed and requires a dedicated and motivated student who understands the time demands necessary for excellent results. Students will be asked to pursue their own creative ideas with vigour and to seek out creative and original solutions to photographic problems. Not only will students in Level 3 be creating a portfolio that displays breadth and quality, they will also search out their own artistic style and voice.

Note: Students should have access to a digital camera. A simple “point and shoot” automatic or quality cellphone will suffice, although a digital SLR camera would be an asset. A film based, 35mm camera will also be utilized. Minimal supplies will be provided to students. Should a student wish to use optional materials to enhance or to elaborate upon the learning outcomes, these may be purchased directly or through the school on a cost-recovery basis.


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