Course Description

Prerequisite: Art Enriched 11 or Art 11 with teacher recommendation or Photo Level 3 with teacher recommendation.

Advanced Placement Art and Design 12 is for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art and art making. The program demands a significant personal commitment. AP is an intensive course and requires more time than a regular art class. Students will need to work outside the classroom, as well as in it, and beyond scheduled periods. Homework, such as maintaining a sketchbook, is a necessary component of instruction. It is highly recommended that AP Studio Art students have previous training in art (such as Art Enriched 11, other Cambie art or photography courses, or outside classes such as those offered by the Richmond Art Gallery).

AP Art 12 gives high school students the opportunity to receive Advanced Placement credit at participating universities (often equivalent to first year course credits - please see your counsellor for more details) upon successful completion and evaluation of the student's portfolio by the Advanced Placement Faculty Consultants (based in Princeton, NJ) in May. It is not required that students submit a portfolio to the AP Board, but all students are required to complete a final portfolio for school-based evaluation in June. Experience has proven that most students require two senior art courses, in addition to devoting many additional hours outside of class, to complete portfolios that earn more than a mere pass by the AP Board.

Grade Level