Important request to parents of ALL grade 12 students re: Valedictory Ceremony 2018

We are well underway planning the H.J. Cambie Secondary School Valedictory Ceremony.  A special part of the ceremony is the personal message that is read about each student as they walk across the stage.  We are asking for parents’ input so that we can begin to put this information together.  As there are approximately 135 graduates, these messages must be brief and generally include comments on important achievements, school memories, interests and plans for the future.  Valedictory messages are written based on information received from parents, students and teachers.  

Here are some samples from past years to give you a sense of length and what might be included:

Tracy is a sports enthusiast.  She was a member of the senior girls soccer and volleyball teams.  She also enjoys skiing and basketball.  In September, Tracy will be attending Kwantlen University College to pursue a career in nursing.

Jeff enjoys helping people in the community and has been actively involved in the student council.  He plans to study in the faculty of science at UBC with the hopes of becoming a cardiologist.

Peter enjoys nature and loves the outdoors, skiing, camping, hiking and rock climbing.  His immediate goal is to travel, after which he would like to pursue a career in outdoor adventure tourism.

Parents are requested to keep their submissions brief, as we will only have 5-10 seconds for each message.  

To submit a valedictory write-up for your son/daughter, visit complete the form below.  All submissions must be done online.   

The deadline to submit a Valedictory write-up is January 31, 2018.