Personal Learning Time 2021-2022

We are very excited for the return of Personal Learning Time at Cambie this school year with a new expanded format. Personal Learning Time for this year will be every Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 10:10 am. During this time, teachers will be available to supervise and support students in their personal learning goals.

As we continue to evolve and grow in the personalization of learning at Cambie, we are pleased to provide students with even greater ownership and agency in their use of their Personal Learning Time. During PLT, the school is open to all students, and teachers are onsite. Students will have access to teachers and departments, and a place/space to engage in their learning individually or collaboratively. Supports such as ELL, resource, etc., will be made available to learners during PLT. A range of personalized learning opportunities might include (not an exhaustive list):

  • Cross curricular and/or project-based inquiry.
  • Enrichment and learning support for individuals or small groups.
  • Additional learning support to vulnerable learners.
  • Enhancing language acquisition for ELL students across the curriculum.
  • Reflection and self-assessment of the Core Competencies.
  • Mentoring learners engaged in Independent Directed Study (IDS).
  • Community service and/or work experiences.
  • Development and presentation of Capstone Projects.
  • Support for I removal, incomplete assignments, etc.

Personal Learning Time (PLT) guiding principles:

  1. Self-directed & Self-Managed
    PLT activities requires the active participation of students to self-direct their learning and manage their time and resources.  
  2. Core Competency Development
    Developing the Core Competencies of students is the overall goal of all PLT activities. This is done by embedding core competencies on all PLT activities as the foundation to all learning during this time.
  3. Build on passion
    Students are more engaged in learning when the PLT activities are purposeful, relevant and grow their interests/passions.
  4. Growth Mindset
    We strive to foster a ‘growth mindset’ in students by ensuring all PLT activities build on their current knowledge and skill set, by offering enriching activities during PLT.

We ask that students set a daily goal and identify a teacher that they will be working with prior to attending PLT at school. Students will be able to do this through our new PLT planner web portal: