Student Notices - Mar. 11, 2020

Hey Cambie! It’s Wellness Wednesday and here’s your announcement. Last week, we introduced two parts of mindfulness, attention and curiosity. Today, we’ll talk more about what mindfulness looks like and how to practice mindfulness. Some of the features of mindfulness include:

  • Observation and description of things inside and outside of us—without judgement
  • Full participation—we focus all of our attention on the task
  • Focusing—such as focusing on one particular sensation, like the sensation of the breath
  • Compassion—for ourselves and others
  • Staying in the present moment, and experiencing the present moment fully


You can try mindfulness in many settings and here are some ideas:

  • Bring mindfulness to your meals. Instead of eating in front of the TV or computer, really focus on what you’re eating and enjoy each bite.
  • Bring mindfulness into your relationships. If you’re talking with friends and loved ones face-to-face, put away phones or other distractions. Really listen to what they’re saying, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Enjoy each other’s company without judgements or expectations.
  • Bring mindfulness to observations. Really focus your attention on something you see or pass every day. Take note of what emotions or thoughts come up.


Try to practice mindfulness in your daily life and be present with ourselves and what’s going on around us. For more information, please visit

Congratulations to the We For She Club for putting on such an awesome Leadership Conference for Gr. 7 Girls yesterday.  The energy, teamwork and professionalism were outstanding.  Special thank you to staff and students for being patient and understanding as we ran some of our activities outside your classrooms during the morning blocks.

We For She Club members/volunteers there is a lunch meeting today in D215 to debrief our event.  Food will be provided. Please attend, as a debrief session after Spring Break will not be as effective.

Attention all students involved with stucco, clubs, or classes related to leadership.  Don’t miss your chance to be one of 20 lucky high school students who have a chance to attend the 20/20 Leadership Conference.  Information and a QR code and link to sign-up is in the front office window.  Don’t miss your chance.

Hi Ecosaders! Please come to the circular field outside A-wing today at lunch and we'll talk about how to get ready for the Butterflyway garden project. Anyone interested in helping out with gardening is welcome to join! 

There will a short Night of the Notables volunteer meeting tomorrow, Thursday, after school in Ms. Quan's room.

The grade 9 boys volleyball practice is cancelled today.  The next practice will be March 30 - the first day back after spring break.