Student Notices - Nov. 27, 2019

Hey Cambie. It’s Wellness Wednesday and here is your announcement: Over the past few weeks we have been learning more about stress and discovering that it isn’t always a bad thing! It’s important to recognize that there are different types of stress and, actually, most daily stress is good for you! In fact, experiencing and learning how to use stress is an important part of having good mental health. There is no evidence that any of the highly marketed stress reduction products are any more helpful than going for a brisk walk!

Mental health is the capacity to successfully adapt to life’s circumstances. It does not mean happiness or having negative feelings, worries, or difficulties. It includes the experience of stress, and the use of that experience to help you learn new skills and effective ways to address the many and frequent challenges of life. It’s important to remember that there are three types of stress. What are they?

Positive: Positive stress is short-term, and it helps us learn how to adapt and grow. For example, writing an examination, giving a presentation, calling someone you don’t know or not making the school team.  These types of stressors can happen daily – often multiple times a day.

Tolerable: Tolerable stress is also short-term but involves situations where there is more serious impact.  For example, a serious illness or loss of a loved one.  Tolerable stress can occur multiple times throughout your life.  Having supportive relationships around will help you work through these situations.

Toxic: Toxic stress is prolonged and extreme, such as neglect, abuse and violence. For most young people, this is rare. Many will go their whole lives without experiencing toxic stress. Toxic stress is the only type of stress that’s actually bad for you. If you ever find yourself in a toxic stress situation, please reach out for help.

Experiencing positive or tolerable stress actually makes us stronger, healthier and more understanding human beings! Next time you feel stressed out, remember that coping with the situation will better equip you for your future life.

For more info visit, OR see your counsellor or the Cambie November Newsletter.


A University of Alberta Rep will be in the Rotunda at break today with information and to answer questions. 

The SFU Program Information Fair is at the Surrey Campus tonight from 5:30 pm to 8 pm

A reminder to check the Career Centre website and Facebook page often for post-secondary, events and scholarship information. See Ms. Millar if you have any questions.