Welcome Back to school!! Cambie 2019-2020

Principal’s Message:

To Students & Parents:

I hope you are enjoying the summer holiday.  On behalf of the entire H.J. Cambie Secondary School staff, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning Cambie students and their families.

Cambie is an outstanding school with a very committed staff and a supportive and caring community.  I am excited about the year ahead and know that every student will receive quality teaching and an opportunity for rich learning.  Cambie students also have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to participate in through the numerous clubs and athletic teams we offer.  We encourage all students to become involved in our school community!

We believe in a strong partnership between the school, parents and students.  We continue to update our Cambie website at http://hjcambie.sd38.bc.ca which we hope you will find user friendly and informative.  Please check our website on a regular basis and check on the subscribe link to receive all new website posts directly to your email.

This newsletter will provide you with valuable information about school start-up and important events taking place in September.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing all students again on September 4th.

Michael Jaswal


Regular Office Hours starting on Monday, August 26, 2019 (8:00am-4:00pm)


First Day – Tuesday, September 3 – Homerooms ONLY

Students report to Gym A at the following times for an assembly followed by a homeroom class:

9:00 a.m.           Grade 8 students - welcoming activities, grade assembly, school tour, homeroom class

11:00 a.m.          Grade 9/10/11 students – grade assembly & homeroom class

1:00 p.m.           Grade 12 students – grade assembly & homeroom class


Gr. 9-12 students can expect the assembly and homeroom procedures to take approximately 60-90 minutes.  Grade 8 students can expect their Gr. 8 welcoming activities to last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.  Students will be dismissed from their homeroom class to end their first day.

Students will attend a homeroom class each morning during the first week for the purpose of collecting various forms and fees.  Students are asked to return their completed forms and school fee payment (included in this mailout) on the first day of school to their homeroom teacher. We suggest that all students come prepared with something to write on and something to write with.  Students do not need to bring a lunch with them on the first day of school.

Absent During the First Week?

Please note:  If your son or daughter will be absent during the first week of school in September but intends to return to Cambie, it is vital that the school be informed.  Please complete the ‘Late Return’ form and submit this to the school office before September 4th.  The ‘Late Return’ form can be downloaded from the school website and is located under the ‘Parents’ tab.  If we do not have a copy of this form and your child is absent on Sept. 3rd and 4th, your child will be withdrawn from our system and space at Cambie cannot be guaranteed.  This is a very important form.

Homeroom Assignment:

Homeroom lists will be posted on the windows near the front entrance of the school on Friday, August 30st at 4:00pm showing students’ names, homeroom numbers and homeroom locations.  For the most part, returning students will have the same homeroom teacher as last year.  New students are encouraged to check these lists prior to the first day of school so that they know their homeroom teacher and classroom location.

Cambie School Calendar:

Every family will receive a 12-month wall calendar during the first week of the school year.  These will be given to students on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd to bring home.  This calendar contains all the important dates for the school year including our daily block rotation.  This calendar also contains important school information and policies for your reference.  We encourage all families to post this calendar in your home and refer to it on a regular basis.

Consent to Receive Electronic Communication:

Our goal is to provide ongoing communication throughout the year by email.  Therefore, it is very important that we collect parent email addresses for every student in the school.  If you are a new family to Cambie or if you did not receive our electronic communication last year, please ensure that you contact the Cambie office to provide us with your email address. 

Student Agenda:

Grade 8 students will receive a H.J. Cambie student agenda, all other students will receive a digital agenda.  We will be providing additional information and training on the use of the new digital agendas to both students and parents.  We recommend both students and parents read through the Cambie Code of Conduct and school rules and policies.  We strongly encourage all students to use the agenda daily throughout the year to record homework, upcoming due dates, marks and all other important responsibilities.

Student Counsellors:

The counsellors are available during the last week of August to register new students and to address some student course selection errors.  New students to Cambie who have not yet selected courses should phone the school office to make an appointment to meet with their counsellor.  Returning students who have an error in their course confirmation sheet should visit the Cambie website and complete the Course Conformation Error Report – counsellors will not be meeting with returning students during this last week of August. Students with last name starting with A-L are assigned to Ms. B. Li and students with last name starting with M-Z are assigned to Mrs. P. Wilding; however, students may see whichever counsellor they feel most comfortable working with.

Student Timetables:

All students will receive their official timetable in homeroom class on the first day of school showing the subject, teacher, period and classroom location. 

Our current timetable was constructed based on enrolment and course selections last March.  We worked with students between April –June to make any requested course changes.  At this time, most classes are full and it is very difficult to make further course changes.  We will do our very best to accommodate any changes that are required as a result of summer school.  Course changes will not be made for teacher preferences or to accommodate students who have changed their mind on elective course offerings.

What Supplies Do I Need?

Individual course teachers will inform students of required supplies during the first week of school.  Students should come prepared with a binder, paper and pens/pencils on the first day of school.

Student Photographs:

Student photographs will be taken on Monday, September 9th.  Students who miss the first photo date, or who need retakes, will be able to have their photo taken on Friday, September 27th .  All students’ need to have a photo taken to be used for the students ID Go-Card and Yearbook.  Families may wish to purchase photo packages directly from the photographers (Artona Group).  Formal grad photos will also be taken from December 1-4 with the option of group friendship photos on December 5 & 6.  Gr. 12’s will need to book their formal grad photo sitting appointment online later in the year.

Medical & Media Release Forms

The school requires an updated medical card for each student. Blank forms will be sent home in the first week of school and we must have them fully completed and returned promptly.  These medical forms are invaluable in the event of an emergency at the school.  Students will also receive a Media Release form that needs to be signed and returned in order for us to be able to include the student’s name and/or photo in the yearbook and newsletters.

School Fees:

All secondary schools in Richmond have a standard school fee.  This fee covers the cost of a student agenda, locker use, communication fee and some student activity costs.  The General School Fee for all students is $28.00.  There are optional and additional activity and enrichment program costs.  For instance, the Yearbook may be purchased for $50.00.  Grade 12 students will have optional costs for the Graduation and Valedictory Ceremony, Grad Boat Cruise, Dinner and Dance and Dry Grad.  Each student should receive an itemized fee statement included in this mail-out and these fees are due in the first week of school to the student’s homeroom teacher. 

Drop-off and Pick-up of Students:

We encourage students to walk or cycle to school as often as possible.  Not only is this the healthy and environmentally friendly alternative, it also reduces traffic congestion around the school each morning and afternoon.  If you are driving to school, please note that the school parking lot can get busy from 8:05-8:20 a.m., so please plan accordingly to ensure your child is not late.  Also, please drive slowly and carefully and follow the entrance and exit signs.