UPDATE: English 12/Comm 12 Provincial Exam Results

Provincial Exams Update From the Ministry of Education:

The Ministry has resolved the issue with student exam transcripts and the revised transcripts will be posted today. We have informed post secondary institutions to ensure student applications are not impacted. We understand the situation is stressful for students and families.


Any students who continue to have concerns about their exam marks should contact the school office.




To Grads 2019 who wrote English/Communications 12 in June,

The English 12 and Communication 12 June 2019 Provincial exam results were officially released on July 29, but many students were able to access their marks late last week.  This has been a very distressing time for many regarding your results on your English 12 or Communication 12 June exam with the discrepancy between school and exam marks.  The Ministry has now acknowledged that there have been errors processing the exam results of a significant number of students.  I believe Ministry has informed post-secondary institutions about the situation.

Attached is the communication the school has received from the Ministry and I pass this along to you.  As stated, the Ministry anticipates completing all the corrections by the end of the day on Wednesday.  You will know that the corrections have been made when you will once again be able to access your exam marks and transcript.

Once exam results are updated, they will be sent to the post-secondary institutions you had selected on the PSI (Post Secondary Institutes electronic form). If you have any concerns after Wednesday, please contact the school.


Thank you so much.

Mr. Jaswal