Student Notices - June 19, 2019

Hey Cambie, its Wellness Wednesday and here is your final announcement for the 2018-2019 school year:  Today we are talking more about how being present is “the present” or gift you can give to others and yourself and considering some of the suggestions Dr. Seppala makes in Time’s Special Edition, The Science of Happiness.  This summer take some time to enjoy your friends and activities by consciously being present in the things you do.  Train your mind to come back to the present and also increase the time you can remain present.  Dr. Seppala suggests how: “When you notice your mind is going toward future-oriented thoughts you can choose not to follow the train of thought, instead you can nudge you mind back into the present. Try re-orienting your attention full on what is going on in front of you.  This exercise is not easy at first, but, like working a muscle you can strengthen your ability to stay present by repeating this exercise over and over again.  Start with a 10-minute exercise.  For example, if you have a presentation you are working to prepare see if you can give it your full attention instead.  Use these otherwise tedious activities to train your attention.  You may even find you start to enjoy them.  The more you practice becoming present with your activities the more being present becomes a habit.”  If you are finding it hard to focus taking a deep breath can help.  Spend some time this summer working on developing yourself by giving yourself the gift of taking time to be present in your life and with those you care about.  Have a safe and relaxing summer.  For more information or a copy of Dr. Seppala’s article please see Mrs. Wilding.


Attention all valedictory scholarship recipients:  If you haven’t done so already, you must attend a MANDATORY ‘Thank you’ letter writing sessions today at lunch in room A110.


Unity Club will be meeting today at lunch in room A121.  Pizza will be available for all members.  Hope to see you there!


Attention ALL Pathways students:  We look forward to seeing you in the library at the beginning of 1-2 today to celebrate the end of the year with pizzaaaa!!!


Attention all grade 10 and 11 girls trying out for the senior girls’ volleyball team next year:  tryouts are cancelled for today.  The next tryouts will be held today at 3:00pm.  Please see Ms. Alblas if you have any questions.


A reminder to all students enrolled in AP Studio Art 12 and Enriched 11 for next year:  Please ensure you stop by Ms. Foster’s room by Friday, June 21st to pick up your paper and supplies for summer project work!


There will be a We For She meeting today at lunch in Ms. Faryon’s room.