Student Notices - June 12, 2019

Hey Cambie, its Wellness Wednesday and here is your announcement:  Today we are talking more about how being present is “the present” or gift you can give to others and yourself and considering some of the suggestions Dr. Seppala makes in Time’s Special Edition, The Science of Happiness.  How do you feel when you are hanging out with friends and they are on their phone paying more attention to other people in other places than you by “snapping” or “chatting”? – chances are we’ve all been on both sides of this scenario.   It’s hard to enjoy that moment of spending time together when one person’s mind is elsewhere.  One of Dr. Seppala’s suggestions for bringing your mind into the present is to take a half or full day technology fast – that means NO SCREEN TIME – NONE.  Do you even think you can do it?  Here’s what she writes:

“Let your mind rest and relax.  Take aimless walks.  Contemplate the sky.  This may feel strange at first and you may even start to be antsy or anxious because you are unaccustomed to not “doing” anything.  It takes some time for the mind to settle down.  You can learn to relax your mind.  The quality of your life and work depends on it.  Being ambitious and having goals is essential.  To actually achieve those goals to the best of your ability, however, you need do try your best to remain present; this allows you to find fulfillment in the moment in the task at hand.  When you slow down and focus 100% on the tasks you are working on or the people you are with everything becomes joyful even the mundane.  That joy in turn leads you to perform better, be more productive, become charismatic and build better relationships.”

Challenge yourself today to a technology fast – set a time limit that you are comfortable with to fast completely from your device.  See how it feels to be in the present moment and take some time to look for the “presents” that are waiting in that moment.  For more information of a copy of Dr. Seppala’s article please see Mrs. Wilding.


Attention Cambie students:  Please check the list of overdue books posted on the library doors and windows.  Please return all overdue books to the library as soon as possible.  Thank you.


A reminder to students attending Matilda this afternoon to meet at 12:20pm.


There will be a We For She meeting today at lunch in Ms. Faryon’s room.


Have you heard the Cambie Concert Band? Your school band placed SILVER in the KPU International Music Festival!  You have one more chance to hear them at the Year End Concert, tonight at 7:00pm!  Come to the theatre to hear selections from the festival, and more, all for free!


Attention all AP Calculus students for next year:  There will be a mandatory meeting at lunch today in Mr. Li’s room – C213.  Important course information will be provided.  Bring your lunch!


Unity Club will be meeting today in Ms. Tan’s classroom, A121.  Hope to see you there!


The Cambie Community Centre has just listed new summer volunteer opportunities on the website.  Get your volunteer hours in the summer and have fun too!  Sign up online or come to the centre and see Tatiana.


Attention all girls in grades 10 and 11 who want to play on the Senior Girls Volleyball Team next year:  There are try-outs tomorrow Thursday, June 13th at 3:00pm in Gym A.  See Ms. Alblas if you have any questions.