Student Notices - June 5, 2019

Hey Cambie!  It’s Wellness Wednesday and here is your announcement.  For the past two weeks our messages have focused on loneliness and what you can do to relive it with suggestions from Dr. Emma Seppala.  In Time Magazine’s Special Edition, The Science of Happiness, Dr. Seppala also makes some suggestions about happiness writing “we get so hooked on getting things done because we think the payoff will ultimately lead to happiness”  But it doesn’t.  Multitasking, instead of helping us accomplish more things faster actually keep us from doing anything well.  In fact, one study found that the more people engaged in media multitasking (from word processing to text messaging & email) the higher their anxiety and depression levels tended to be!  On the other hand, research shows that when we are completely in tune with what we are doing we more fully enjoy that activity. Why does the present make us happy?  Because we fully experience the things going on around us.  Instead of getting caught up in a race to accomplish more things faster we slow down and are actually with the people we are with, making people around you feel understood and supported. You will have good relationships which are one of the biggest predictors of success and happiness.”  Take a few minutes today to take stock of your ability or willingness to focus on the present and how it may be impacting your relationships.   Over the last few weeks of class we will be focusing a bit more on understanding more about being present and how the present can be “the present “or the gift you give to others and yourself.  For more information or a copy of Dr. Seppala’s article please see Mrs. Wilding


There will be a We For She meeting today at lunch in Ms. Faryon’s room.


Attention Cambie students:  Please be sure to return any outstanding library books by the end of day today.  Thank you.


Unity Club will be meeting today in Ms. Tan’s classroom, A121.  Hope to see you there!


Lost and Found items have been laid out on a table in the rotunda.  Please take a moment to check the items to see if any of them belong to you.  These items will be given to charity at the end of the school year if they are not claimed.


There will be a meeting for students interested in participating in RIDE DON’T HIDE today at lunch in the Counselling Centre.   Ride Don’t Hide is a nationwide event that brings mental health out into the open.  Students who volunteer as a route marshal or supporting riders at the Richmond water station will receive a T-shirt, certificate, snacks and lunch.  Cyclists are also welcome!