Student Notices - May 8, 2019

Hey Cambie its Wellness Wednesday and here is your announcement marking Day 3 of Mental Health Awareness WeekWe all deserve to feel well and to thrive. In order to get there, the first thing to keep in mind is that we ALL have mental health to protect, promote and celebrate, just like with our physical health.  Secondly, we need to ask ourselves: are we actively taking care of our mental health? And what can we do to turn it around when we’re not feeling our best?   These sixteen strategies are based on sound science. Try one of these strategies each day and reflect on how they impact your mood and sense of well-being. Keep stock of which strategies make the biggest impact and keep them in your back pocket to boost your mental health on the bad days, and on the good ones too.

  • Start the day off fresh.
  • Focus on the positives
  • Get outdoors.
  • See the bigger picture.
  • Treat yourself once in a while.
  • Embrace your culture.
  • Be active.
  • Use your person resources.
  • Learning.
  • Find meaning.
  • Enjoy yourself.
  • Connect with friends.
  • Disconnect from devices.
  • Take a moment to rest.
  • Time out to breathe.
  • Enjoy nature.

For your own more detailed copy of the list, pop by the Counselling Centre or see Mrs. Wilding.


A reminder to all students intending to take full-credit summer school:  The first date for online registration is Tuesday, May 21st @ 3:30pm.


For those students interested in taking some preview or enrichment courses in the summer, registration stars on May 14th @ 3:30pm


Attention grade 9, 10 and 11 students:  Are you interested in pursuing a career in flying?  Tomorrow, Ms. Paukov is welcoming a pilot into her class during PLT to answer any questions you may have about a career as a pilot!  Come down to D218 and participate in the conversation!  Space is limited!


Come out and support one of our very own grade 8 students as she competes at RichCity Idol 2019 on Wednesday, May 29th, 7pm at the Gateway Theatre.  Tickets are $12 each and will be sold tomorrow at lunch in the rotunda.  Tickets can also be purchased on line at .


Attention all International students:  We are getting together today at lunch for a meeting and pizza.  See you then.


This is a reminder that Unity Club will be meeting today at lunch in Ms. Tan’s room, A121.  Unity Club will be selling pre-packaged Kernals popcorn this Friday at lunch.  It will be $2.25 for a bag, and there will be a selection of Buttersalt, Dill Pickle, and Salt and Vinegar.  We hope to see you there!!


Attention all Grade 9s and 10s interested in the London-Paris trip:  this is a friendly reminder that the deadline to register is NEXT WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th!  Please submit your completed application form and $199 deposit to Mme Masaki by the end of the day next Wednesday.  Don’t miss out on one of Cambie’s first ever international trips!


This is a reminder that Unity Club will be meeting today in Ms. Tan's room, A121.  Unity Club will also be selling Pre-packaged Kernals popcorn this Friday at lunch.  It will be $2.25 for a bag, and there will be a selection of Buttersalt, Dill Pickle, and Salt and Vinegar.  We hope to see you there!


There will be a We For She meeting for today at lunch in Ms. Faryon’s room.