Scholarship & Valedictory "to-do" list

Hi everyone,


As we approach Spring Break and have a chance to rest, relax, and recharge, we are reminded that we are just around the corner from scholarship applications and valedictory preparations.  


On our school website, under the parent tab, you will find a link to "Valedictory Ceremony 2019: Parent Message".  We need you to complete this task before March 15th.  You can do this with or without your grade 12 child.


Also on our school website, under the student tab, then scholarships, you will find links to the "McEwen Family Awards & Scholarship Information" and "Scholarship Application".  We encourage all grade 12s to complete the school-based "Scholarship Application".  We also encourage students to read about the "McEwen Family Awards & Scholarships" and decide if they are a good fit for any of the categories.  For both of these opportunities, the deadline is April 18th.  The McEwen Awards require a short and thoughtful essay, so this could take some time and spring break may be a good chance to get this process started.


Finally, there is information on our website about how students can apply to be the class valedictorian or historian. This can be found under the Student tab, then Grad Info. Applications must be submitted directly to Mr. Felgar by April 18th. Please note that both of these applications require that candidates submit a sample of the first 250-300 words of their speech as part of the application.


Please talk to your grade 12 child and encourage them to apply for our scholarships.  Also, please complete your task, which is is the Parent Message for valedictory.


Thank you,


Mr. Nashlund & Mr. Felgar


(Updated: March 15th to correct due dates)