Beyond the Blues

Have you stopped feeling like yourself lately? Or maybe you're worried about someone you care about? Maybe you feel sad, empty and hopeless but don't know why you can't shake off the feelings? Maybe you're feeling stressed and want to feel like you're thriving again, not just surviving? Maybe you're anxious and distressed by troubling thoughts? Maybe you want to look at how your drinking of alcohol fits into the picture?....

Or maybe you're feeling okay but want to find out how to prevent mood or anxiety problems and feel mentally healthier?

Whatever brings you to Beyond the Blues, our events across BC can help you figure out the next step to feeling better and in control of your health. There is help and hope. Richmond

  • October 4 | 6:30pm- 9:00pm
  • Richmond Hospital, Ralph Fisher Auditorium on the ground floor (7000 Westminster Hwy.)
  • Title of presentation: This is your brain on emotions!
    • Speaker: Fiona Jeyachandran, M.A., CCC
    • Event will also include numerous agencies and resource material
    • Details & RSVP:
  • Education-only
  • Open to anyone
  • Barbara Fee (Pathways Clubhouse) 604-276-8834 Richmond

  • October 4 | 12:30pm - 1:20pm
  • Cambie Secondary School, near cafeteria (4151 Jacombs Rd.)
  • Education-only
  • Targeted to high school students, but anyone can attend from the community if they wish
  • Joy Hung (Vancouver Coastal Health) 604-207-2511 ext. 239