June 13, 2018

  1. It’s wellness Wednesday and here is your announcement: The two primary reasons for our wellness Wednesdays announcements are to increase awareness of mental health and reduce stigma.

    Remember Mental health impacts us all in the same way physical health does. This summer increase your awareness of your own mental health by consciously taking time to refresh yourself with enjoyable and healthy activity, also spend some time being aware of how you feel, and how that contributes to your thoughts and behaviours. Set some goals for the fall and think about your future dreams and plans.

    Sometimes even when we take care of ourselves we can get sick, it is the same with mental health. No one would never make fun of someone who had diabetes or heart disease or cancer, it should be the same with those who are struggling to stay mentally healthy. Stigma causes people to feel ashamed of something that is out of their control. A few ways to fight stigma are by talking openly about mental health, educate yourself and others, be conscious of language, choose empowerment over stigma.

    For more information on mental health visit www.heretohelp.ca or see your counsellor. If you would like to join the effort to increase awareness of mental health and reduce stigma at Cambie next year please see Mrs Wilding.

  2. Any students who are interested in learning more about an opportunity for summer employment as a labourer on a construction job site please see your counsellor ASAP.

  3. Attention all grade 12 scholarship winners from Friday night's valedictory ceremony:  Please bring your draft thank you letters to the mandatory letter revision session at lunch on Wednesday and/or Thursday in the computer lab.

  4. For all Grade 12 students who have attended the valedictory last Friday, if you haven’t got your hats back, they’re ready for pick up in the office.

  5. Hey everyone if you don’t want to clean your locker or you want it organized, come down to the rotunda and look for End of Year Cleaning Service. We charge $1.00 for small lockers and $2.00 for the big ones. For teachers we charge $5.00 for organizing your things before the end of the year.