March 13, 2018

  1. Attention Girls entering Grade 12 in September: The "Young Women in Public Safety Student Employment Opportunity" is for you. This is a paid work-based opportunity, taking place from July 9th - 13th, 2018 ($14/hr).  There are only 25 spots for the Lower Mainland and applications are due April 6, 2018. Please contact your counsellor ASAP if interested.

  2. Attention Grade 12 students. Tomorrow is the last day for submission of Valedictory comments. Those that were missing a comment were contacted by Mr. Partridge. If you were not spoken to your parents have submitted a comment for you.

  3. Are you a boy in grade 8-11 that likes basketball? The first annual Cambie Spring Camp series will be taking place after spring break. Sign up sheets are located outside of the PE Office. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Meier.

  4. Missed the Krispy Kreme presale? Don’t worry, the Cheerleading Team has got you covered! Come find us in the Rotunda TODAY AT LUNCH for 1$ per donut and 10$ per dozen. If you have already pre-ordered, the donuts will be delivered to your class right before lunch!

  5. A reminder to all the girls in Ms. Alblas' Fem Fit class you are to meet for our field trip today at 1pm outside of Gym A.  All girls in Ms. Alblas' Fem Fit class meet at 1pm today outside the gyms.  Don't be late!

  6. Any students who have registered for Health Science 12 for this coming September, or other Gr. 11 students interested ... There’s a one-day symposium called StemCellTalks Vancouver 2018. This year’s symposium will take place on May 11 at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  There is limited space. This year's theme is ''Stem cells and Diabetes''. Students will learn from leading researchers and clinicians about stem cell basics, concepts of diabetes and promising new cell-based therapeutics. Students will also have the opportunity to delve into ethical implications surrounding stem cell research. Go to 'StemCellTalksVancouver2018' and register.  See Mrs. Curtis if you have any questions.  Register as soon as possible; seats fill quickly.

  7. All Track Athletes, there will be a very important sign up meeting at recess on Wednesday in Gym A.  Please be in Gym A as soon as possible to get information.  Our first meet is April 30th so start training over Spring Break.

  8. The Cambie Reading Riot continues to be strong, and is running until the end of April. It's never too late to join!  Just register with Mrs. Kos or Ms. Cho in the library.  Students who participate are eligible for weekly prizes which are drawn every Friday. Let's keep reading, Cambie!

  9. Cambie Youth Clinic is a free and confidential health clinic for youth. It is open today and every Tuesday from 2-4 pm at the East Richmond Community hall. You may drop in or make an appointment to see a nurse, doctor or counsellor.