March 6, 2018

  1. The Cambie Reading Riot continues to be strong, and is running until the end of April. It's never too late to join!  Just register with Mrs. Kos or Ms. Cho in the library.   Students who participate are eligible for weekly prizes which are drawn every Friday. Let's keep reading, Cambie!

  2. Reminder that tomorrow is the Collab Day, school starts at 9:45am

  3. Attention ALL girls who are interested in playing soccer for our school team.  There is a sign-up list outside of the office on Mr. Nashlund's window.  This team is for girls in grades 8-12.  Please sign-up by the end of the week.  We will try to start try-outs this Friday at 3pm and next Wednesday too.

  4. The online student scholarship application is now open for students to complete and will remain open until April 13th. Students must apply to be eligible for any school-based scholarships or the McEwen Scholarships.

  5. A reminder to all GGG and BHO members that there is a meeting this Wednesday at lunch in Mrs. Faryon’s room.

  6. All grade 8 boys who want to try out for the volleyball team there is a second tryout today after-school at 3pm.  Al  grade 8 boys are welcome to attend today's tryouts.

  7. Cambie Youth Clinic is a free and confidential health clinic for youth. It is open today and every Tuesday from 2-4 pm at the East Richmond Community hall. You may drop in or make an appointment to see a nurse, doctor or counsellor.