February 7, 2018

  1. Attention all students:  Cambie library is excited to once again participate in Reading Riot, where all Cambie students are invited to read and rate up to 8 books.  Cambie Reading Riot is running from now until the end of April! It's easy to join! Just register with Mrs. Kos or Ms. Cho in the library.   Students who participate are eligible for weekly prizes which are drawn every Friday.  Come and join in on the fun. 

  2. Attention all members of the stage crew for Departures and arrivals.  we are meeting Thursday at 1 o'clock this week.

  3. The Ecosaders will be selling pizza this Friday, Feb. 10 to raise funds for a new water-refilling station in A or B wing. Come and support this cause that will be benefit the whole school.

  4. A reminder to all GGG members that there is a meeting today at lunch in Mrs. Curtis’s room.

  5. A reminder that there will be an Interact meeting this Friday.

  6. It’s wellness wednesday Cambie... today’s message is about busting 2 common myths about anxiety.

  • Myth #1: Did you know that anxiety is something that is a normal human experience?  We all experience degrees of anxiety in various situations and in many instances it is a helpful motivator to propel us to doing what we need to. You are not weird or damaged if you experience anxiety it is a universal human experience - next time you are in science ask your teacher about what scientists know about anxiety..

  • Myth #2:  Anxiety is not dangerous.  In fact in extreme situations anxiety actually helps keep us safe. It’s called the flight or fight response - another thing to ask your science teacher about! Anxiety is like a fire alarm - it alters us to a potential danger, but just like a fire alarm we have to determine whether there really is a fire or it is a false alarm.  We practice what to do with a fire alarm so we have a plan. Similarly, with anxiety you can learn what to do when anxious feelings begin is that you have a plan.  Developing the skills to recognize false alarms from anxiety and learning to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and situations puts anxiety in its rightful place and give us the ability to manage it instead of it managing us.  When anxiety is rising up remember to be compassionate with yourself by allowing yourself to experience the feeling without the judging self-defeating thoughts paralyzing you from doing what you need to, a little statement you can say to yourself is “feel the feeling and do it anyway”. By persevering in this way, you will develop the resilience and grit needed to face life’s many challenges successfully.

  • If you are interested in learning more about winning the battle with anxiety talk to your Counsellor or visit heretohelp.ca. Remember try to practice reclaiming your power over anxiety today.  “Feel the feeling and do it anyway.”