February 6, 2018

  1. Attention all students:  Cambie library is excited to once again participate in Reading Riot, where all Cambie students are invited to read and rate up to 8 books.  Cambie Reading Riot is running from now until the end of April! It's easy to join! Just register with Mrs. Kos or Ms. Cho in the library.   Students who participate are eligible for weekly prizes which are drawn every Friday.  Come and join in on the fun. 

  2. Attention all members of the stage crew for Departures and arrivals.  we are meeting Thursday at 1 o'clock this week.

  3. The grade 8 girls basketball team played a great game last night, losing narrowly by 1 point in a barn burner. The girls played exceptionally well and should be proud of their improvement over the season. ​

  4. Anyone interested in taking their Standard First Aid or First Responder Certification this Spring, please see Mrs. Curtis for application forms.  It is important to note that the First Responder training gives you professional certification through the Canadian Red Cross (same certification as police officers and firefighters).  The cost of this program is half the cost of what you would pay if you were to take it out in the community, and ... all courses are run here at Cambie.  See Mrs. Curtis if you have any questions.