Social Media Education in Schools

The McNeely PAC invites all community members to attend a guest presentation by Jesse Miller on how to keep your kids safe online.  I have heard Jesse speak multiple times before and he is outstanding!  I strongly encourage you to attend this session if you are able, as social media use has become one of the greatest influences in our children's lives.

Monday, January 15th - 6:30pm @ McNeely Elementary School.

For the better part of a decade, Jesse Millar has been a preferred choice of social media education in Western Canada. 

Featured in hundreds of schools across the country, in partnership with school districts and independent schools, speaking engagements focus on a goal of presenting an exciting and educationally sound social media conversation that promotes an active and relevant social media education dialogue with students.​

Social media education from Mediated Reality is designed to introduce content to student audiences, incorporate community concerns, and to provide current information that opens conversation and prompts continued solutions to assist parents, educators, and youth to engage in social media.

Jesse is an engaging and entertaining speaker.

Come and learn about how to keep our children safe.

This is potentially life-saving information!

Admission is free thanks to the McNeely PAC.