Teen Mental Health Parent Info Session - Dec. 13, 7pm

Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders can affect between 15% - 20% of adolescents at some point during their teen years. Good mental health is more than just a lack of mental illness, however, as life is full of ups and downs and having the knowledge and strategies to cope with stressors can be effective in preventing a mental disorder from occurring during adolescence or later in life. Gregg Loo, Clinical Supervisor of the Child and Adolescent Program (Richmond Child and Youth Mental Health) and Larry Antrim, Coordinator for Counselling with the Richmond School District will look at the topic of mental wellness, what is being done at the school and community levels and what parents can do to give their teens the opportunity to develop and maintain good mental health.

This information session is open to parents from all secondary schools in Richmond and will be held on Wednesday, December 13 at 7pm in the Richmond Secondary School theatre.

Please see attached for more information.