October 5, 2017

  1. This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. Did you know that more than 6 million Canadians are impacted by mental illness? People with mental illness are capable of leading rewarding and productive lives when they received proper diagnosis and effective medical treatment, but they need support rather than stigmatization that sends people into the shadows to suffer alone in silence.People with mental illness may be your sister or brother, your neighbour, your classmate.  They are just like you and I.  Talking about our mental health is the one of the first steps to reducing stigma.  So be an advocate and start a conversation today.   Visit www.camimh.ca for stories of real people who have experienced mental illness and how they are working to reduce stigma.


  2. Calling all CCC HELPERS and last years' Grade 8 ambassadors (now grade 9!) We would like to meet with you next Wednesday Oct11 at lunch to get our group going. If you have a friend or 2 who you think is a strong candidate for this year's CCC, please bring them to the meeting!They will go through a screening and interview process. See you there, next Wednesday! From your friendly counsellors!


  3. A bi-weekly volunteer opportunity with one of our neighbours is available for 4 students (2guys/2girls).Please see Ms Wilding if you are interested in helping out.


  4. Did you know that every week, the Ecosaders have to take out rotten bananas from the orange coloured bins because people aren't considerate enough to throw them in the compost? Please be a decent human being and read the signs on the bins before throwing things away! October is waste reduction month.


  5. October is waste reduction month and Ecosaders are encouraging you to learn more about sustainable living. Remember to bring reusable bags and containers when shopping, travelling, or packing lunches or leftovers. You can also bring your own container when buying takeout!


  6. There is an Ecosaders meeting at lunch today in room C212. New members are welcome.


  7. This is a notice to all Cambie students, especially to Grade 8s.Please check the due date on your library books and either return or renew any books that are overdue. Thank you.


  8. There is a debate club meeting this Friday at lunch in Ms. Dosanjh’s room D216.


  9. All grade 9 boys interested in playing basketball, there is an open gym today after school.


  10. Students who are interested in Culinary Club, there is a mandatory meeting this Friday at lunch in Room D148.


  11. A reminder to all drama students going on The Gateway Field Trip. Your permission forms are overdue.


  12. Cambie Community Centre’s Fall Family Fun event needs you! We are looking for a crew to help decorate the East Richmond Community Hall and also volunteers to help run the event. Sign up at icanhelp.richmond.ca or come to the Centre and ask for Tatiana.