October Staff Collaboration Time

As part of our effort of keeping students and parents informed about the purpose of collaboration days at Cambie, summaries will be posted each month to highlight how our staff make effective use of collaboration time.
On October 26th, Cambie staff met in small groups to explore different aspects of enhanving student learning and student engagement.  The purpose of these sessions is to enhance the learning experience for our students.  The following are the topics that we had discussions about.  
  • developing health living topics & resources for PE 8-10 to suppliment the area of healthy living and fitness throughout the year in all PE classes
  • the ELL Department reviewed assessment matrices, discussed formative assessment, and student self-assessment/reflection focused with ELL Level 1/2.
  • Grade 8 teachers are preparing for a cross-curricular inquiry project 
  • Pathways English and Socials 10 classes are preparing a cross-curricular project
  • planning format changes and themes  for "Fine Arts Week" .  Discussed how best to accommodate multiple class presentations in the limited installation space, as well as visual “linking” devices between project work.
  • review of current tactile resources and discussed behavioural methods for life skills students
  • developing learning goals for core competencies in Science 8-10
  • ​modern language department reviewed lessons on "teaching through storytelling". The students would learn new vocabulary through a story and in the end be able to recreate the story, act it out to the class or rewrite and create a new one of their own. 
  • exploring the needs of new website content that includes support services for student​ (counselling department)