September Staff Collaboration Time

As part of our effort of keeping students and parents informed about the purpose of collaboration days at Cambie, summaries will be posted each month to highlight how our staff make effective use of collaboration time.
On September 28th, Cambie staff met in small groups for the first collaboration session of the year.  The purpose of these sessions is for staff to work together to focus on improving student learning and enhancing student engagement.  The following are the topics that we had discussions about.  
  • ​the English Department discussed the format of Grade 10 and 11 final exams and began reviewing units for correlation with new curriculum - this will be ongoing
  • the PE department is planning to integrate fitness health topics throughout the year and also introducing fitness days within each unit across all classes
  • the ELL Department reviewed assesment matrices and discussed best practises for assessment and reporting - focusing on ELL 4
  • cross-curricular planning between math and science classes where math teachers will review concepts that directly correlate with topics in junior science classes due to the new curriculum changes
  • developing a student collaboration project to explore topics where senior physics and chemistry is involved
  • planning for changes for social science course offerings for next year.  The Social Studies Department is preparing student survey for Grade 10 students to gather student input on types of courses they would like offered at Cambie
  • reviewed coding requirements in the coding component that is part of the new curriculum for Info Tech
  • planning format changes and themes  for "Fine Arts Week" 
  • scheduling & sharing guest speakers and sharing resources online for planning classes
  • exploring the needs of new website content that includes support services for students